Good Health & Wellbeing Group


Is led by Prof Ihtesham Rehman and Dr Parveen Ali  who have been coordinating of Pakistani and Uk academics to support topics including biomedical materials, gender based violence and mental health.  We have partnered Pakistani groups for knowledge transfer, capacity building, policy work, training and in research. 

UPSIGN's Major initiatives and Events in Healthcare

  • Pakistan's World Class Biomedical Research.  Click here.

  • Pakistan 2020 Workshop on Healthcare. Click here for info.

  • Workshops in Biomedical Materials. Click here for info.

  • Article on UPSIGN's response to Covid-19 (coming)

  • Affordable Healthcare Whatsapp group.  Click here for info.

  • Covid-19 Special Interest Group.  Click here for info.

  • Spotlight on Dr Parveen Ali, including Covid-19 response, Click here.

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How can you get Involved in UPSIGN Health and Well-being Group?

On this website you can join any one of the many UPSIGN Whatsapp groups and start a conversation with the core topic leads above.  If you want to be an active member, you can sign up for a free membership and indicate your special interest.