Clean Energy & Water


is led by Professor Jawwad Darr .  The co-leads include Dr Muhammad Saghir (Biomass and Clean Energy), Fazilda Nabeel (Clean Water) , Dr Nageeb Ullah (Energy Harvesting), Muhammad Iqbal (Energy Storage) and Farid Tariq (Energy Storage).


 Pakistan is facing severe electricity supply shortages, causing forced power outages over the last decade ranging from 8 to 12 hours a day in urban areas and up to 18 hours in rural areas. In rural or other areas, over 50 million Pakistanis are off grid with little or no prospects of access to electricity.


 Pakistan ranks number 9 in the list of top 10 countries with lowest access to clean water where 21 million out of the total population of 207 million, do not have access to clean water.​

UPSIGN's Focus on Energy / Water

  • How energy or clean water availability in remote communities affects education, gender equality, poverty reduction, public policy, climate change, sustainability, zero hunger etc.

  • Affordable battery and other energy storage systems for “off grid” communities.

  • Renewable waste to energy on small and large scales.

  • Production of clean water at different scales (including the use of renewable energy to clean water).

  • Developing sustainable energy policy recommendations (e.g. for off grid or water management).

  • Small-scale renewable energy harvesting systems (micro hydro, solar etc.)

  • Energy or water conservation, management and education.

Our Work in Energy Storage and Harvesting

Our Work in Biomass

Our Work in Clean Water

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