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Contact Us

T: 02071081086

If you become a member, we will only send you occaisonal updates and newsletters

UPSIGN Network Ltd is a registered UK charity (UK Charity Registration Number: 11472800)

Terms and Conditions for the Whatsapp groups

We strive to produce constructive conversations across the groups so we ask you read through the following terms and conditions of the groups before joining. Failure to comply with these terms will result in immediate suspension from the groups.


POINT 1: ENGLISH LANGUAGE: All posts MUST be in English (or English translation provided)

POINT 2: NO LAZY POSTS: All posts or images or links MUST have a few words of explanation (please use hyperlinks and avoid attatching files of any kind)

POINT 3: SECULAR+ NON POLITICAL: No clearly religious or political posts AT ALL.

POINT 4: CONSIDER HOW INTERESTING YOUR POST IS FOR OTHERS: After several messages on a topic, you may want to conisder consider private messaging certain people to continue chatting (avoid spamming the group when you are talking to few person)

POINT 5: CONSIDER SPECIALIST GROUPS INSTEAD?  Please use the correct group for your posts, e.g. ENERGY posts use energy group. 


POINT 6: RELEVANCY TO UPSIGN ?: Posts should be relevant to Pakistan or linked to our mission goals [http://chemb125.chem.ucl.ac.uk/UPSIGN/charter.html]

POINT 7: DO NOT POST CVs OR PUBLCIATIONS on the main “UPSIGN NETWORK” or “GLOBAL NETWORK” as these are general groups.

POINT 8: NO VIDEO UPLOADS, BUT LINK TO YOUTUBE OK: Do not upload videos that are large and with no explanation on them at all (better share a weblink and make sure you explain what the posting is about)



Removal or Suspension of Whatsapp Group Members


  • POINT 1: if someone disrespects our guidelines, we will let them know first

  • POINT 2: 2 strikes and you are out policy (a request to remove materials will be made and your membership can only be revoked by agreement of 2 admin members)

  • POINT 3: you can appeal our decision (which will go to core group vote at next meeting)

  • POINT 4: in extreme cases of any deeply offensive postings, an instant removal is allowed.

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