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T: 02071081086

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UPSIGN Network Ltd is a registered UK charity (UK Charity Registration Number: 11472800)

Global Development Workshops in Pakistan








The Facts: 

  •  In a report by the United Nations, Pakistan is ranked 147 out of the 188 countries survey for human development  (UNDP Human Development Report 2016). 

  • Making progress towards the UN Development goals has been slow, and is exacerbated by the rapidly increasing population (currently 210 M people)

  • Poorly panned urbanisation as well as the influx of people internally displaced as a result of conflict and disaster has lead to the proliferation of "off grid" communities ,  particularly in the North West FATA region. 

  • These communities have little or no access to healthcare, electrical power (50M people are off grid) or quality education.

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