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Global Network: members from many countries; discusses general topics related to Pakistan that are not covered in other topic-specific groups.


UK Network: This group is aimed at UK professionals and students (members). It discusses general topics related to Pakistan that are not covered in other topic-specific groups.


Agri, Food & Nutrition [relates to UNSDG2]: Discussions on ways to implement Zero Hunger initiatives and ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns in Pakistan.

Heath and Wellbeing [relates to UNSDG3]: Targeting good health and well-being, covering any aspects of healthcare in Pakistan. 

Education [relates to UNSDG4]: Improving education and various aspects. 

Gender equality [relates to UNSDG5]: Focusing on how gender equality can be reduced.

Clean Water& Sanitation [relates to UNSDG6]: How can water and sanitation be improved.

Clean Energy [relates to UNSDG7]: How clean energy can be implemented in Pakistan.


Enterprise, Innovation & Jobs [relates to UNSDG8 & 9]: Issues regarding enterprise, innovation & jobs in Pakistan.

Artificial Intelligence + Digital [multidiscplinary]: discusses AI, its applications & use across all areas. For example, medicine, IT, and education.

COVID-19: COVID-19 issues & its impact.



Public Health [multidisciplinary]: Issues related to understanding and improving public health. By invitation only. Please send your CV to Healthcare lead, Dr Parveen Ali on:

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